First Hotels

First Hotels is one of Scandinavia’s leading collections of unique hotels, centrally located at selected destinations throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Spain. You can enjoy the ultimate in urban experience at our first class hotels, such as First Hotel Reisen in Stockholm, First Hotel Mayfair in Copenhagen or First Hotel Grims Grenka in Oslo. First Hotels is proud to offer unique hotels with personal service and modern comfort.

Earn points

You earn 500 Extra points per night. All rates qualify for earning points except on online third party rates, free nights, award night, staff &crew rates, sponsor rates and more then 20 consequetive nights. You cannot yet earn nor spend points on First Hotels in Spain. Important, If you are a member of the First Member Program, then you earn points there too on the same stay.

Read more and make your reservations here

Note! Hotel reservations made through SAS website is considered as Third party website. In order to earn EuroBonus Extra points, please make your reservation direct on First Hotels. 

Spend points

Log in, go to My EuroBonus and make your reservation up until the day of arrival at First Hotels in Iceland and Scandinavia. You will need 18,000-28,000 points per night incl. breakfast depending on hotel and location. Points are valid for up to two people sharing a double room.