Operating through the Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels, Vienna and Zurich hubs and member of Star Alliance.

    Earn points

    • You earn Basic points that count towards a higher membership level on selected booking classes as shown in table below. All other booking classes are excluded.
    • Basic points can be used for award travel and also count towards upgrade to a higher membership level.
    • The principle is simple: the more you fly, the more points you earn.
    • Always quote your membership number when making a reservation.

    Domestic flights in Europe:

      Business Economy Economy (low)
    Points 500 - 1 000 500 - 750 125 - 250
    Classes C, D, J (1000)
    Z (750)
    P (500) 
    Y, B (750)
    H, M, U (500)
    W, Q, V, S (250)
    K, L. T (125)

    European cross border routes:

      Business Economy Economy (low)
    Points 750 - 2 000 500 - 1 250 125 - 250
    Classes C, D, J (2000)
    Z (1250)
    P (750)
    Y, B (1250)
    H, M, U (750)
    Q, V (500)
    S, W (250)
    K, L, T (125)

    Flights Worldwide, the points you earn depends of distance in miles flown:


      Business Economy  Economy (low)
    Points fr. 500 fr. 500 fr. 125
    Classes F, A (300%)
    C, D, J (200%)
    Z (150%)
    P (100%) 
    G, E (150%)
    N (100%)
    Y, B, M, H, U(100%)
    W, Q, V, S (50%)
    K, L, T (25%)

    Spend points

    • You can spend points on flights operated by Lufthansa, except on charter.
    • Book one-way or round-trip up to departure, it's up to you. 
    • Book through your local Member Service - call us.
    • You can also use your points to upgrade.

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