Travel extras now on our new site

    16 MARCH 2017

    Booking trips just got a lot smoother – and better looking, too. This weekend, we released a new version of our site that allows you to buy ancillaries, or travel extras, like pre-booked seats, extra bags and meals on our fresh, new site. This means you won’t be redirected to our old site for new or existing bookings and making your trip more comfortable will be easier than ever.


    We’ve also listened to our travelers who have specifically asked for a more detailed seat selector that includes emergency exits and aircraft type. Take a look – we hope you like the result.

    /SAS Digital Team

    Pages now loading faster

    MARCH 2017

    One of the true pain points during the first weeks of launching our new site has been page loading times. The booking engine itself was speedy, but opening up the start page for the first time simply took too long.  

    This morning, we implemented a number of fundamental changes on the start page. The result: Our initial testing tells us that, on average, it now takes about 1.7 seconds to load. A significant improvement, we think!

    /SAS Digital Team

    Going live

    MARCH 2017

    In the past six months, we’ve collected feedback from our Beta site, conducted user testing and made data-driven changes accordingly. Right now, we are in a state where we can call the site to be a minimum viable product (“MVP”).

    In agile software development an MVP has just enough core features to deploy it. In other words, it has very basic functionality. Releasing an MVP accelerates learning and maximizes time spent on relevant development with the right focus. It differs from the conventional strategy of investing time and money to implement whole product before verifying whether customers want the product or not.

    This quite popular image below represents the agile way a limited yet functional product is evolving. Thank you Henrik Kniberg for allowing us to share this great illustration with our travelers.


    We’ve already launched our new site in Denmark and Sweden. It still lacks some of the core functionality we offered on our old site. For example, you can’t book award flights using the new design. In these situations, we still need to direct travelers to the old site. Being one of Scandinavia’s largest e-commerce sites we also have a great deal of partner integrations and dependencies. Most of them are still directed to the old site but, as we build new experiences, we will take them onto the new site one-by-one.

    So, at the same time as we launch sites, we are following our roadmap to implement the solutions travelers have been enjoying on our old sites. The pace of doing this will be decided together with the continuous user testing and feedback received. Using an agile approach, we know that what we bring into our development iterations actually reflects what has the highest relevancy for our travelers.

    /SAS Digital Team

    Better overview of booked trips

    MARCH 2017

    We’re really happy to report that we’ve completed another iteration and carried out several fixes on our sites. 

    Thanks to feedback from our travelers, we learned that our logged-in EuroBonus members have had problems finding their booked trips. We’ve addressed this and now booked trips are visually highlighted using red badges in the journey bar at the top of the page. User testing has confirmed this as an improvement but we will keep improving to make sure everyone finds their booked trips in an easy way.

    /SAS Digital Team


    MARCH 2017

    Right after we launched our new Swedish site at, we discovered that some of our members weren’t able to log in using their registered email address as username. When trying to log using this specific email, users got an error message describing other ways to log in. It became clear that in our development process, we had underestimated how this group of users prefers to log in.

    This issue didn’t have the same impact during the Beta testing we carried out during the summer/fall or when we launched our new site in Denmark last November. And as a result of the amount of feedback we received, we made the decision to change this right away. Within 24 hours of the release, email login was a go.

    Today, you can log in to your profile using your username, email address or EuroBonus number or Travel Pass number. 

    /SAS Digital Team

    Welcome onboard

    MARCH 2017

    And thanks for joining us at our new digital development blog. This is where we’ll be giving you information about how we’re working to develop our new digital platform. And we’re eager to share our experiences, challenges and milestones along the way.

    Our new platform is the foundation and gateway for our digital future. It will enable us to build fresh proprietary solutions to make travel easier and more joyful. And it will also unlock true omnichannel experiences, allowing travelers to move seamlessly from one device to another. We understand that time matters to our travelers – this is the foundation of everything we do.

    As we move towards launching the new platform, there’s a flurry of activity going on behind the scenes. Some of the challenges are, of course, general digitalization and transforming processes and systems. In this blog, however, we’ll focus on more customer-facing developments like the new SAS website.

    Building a new platform from scratch is a huge undertaking for any company. It involves brave decision-making and extensive user testing. Communicating with users and constantly making improvements.

    This is just the start. We’re not finished yet, but we’re well on our way. So stay tuned – exciting times are ahead.

    /SAS Digital Team


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