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    (Updated 12:16 CET 24 Apr 2017)

    Severe disruptions at Oslo Airport today 24 April 2017 due to heavy snowfall

    This is unfortunately affecting many of our flights to, from, via and within Norway

    Please check your Flight Status before going to the airport.

    SAS is in progress rebooking you if your flight is cancelled and information will be sent out via e-mail and/or sms when completed. You can always check your flight details in My Trips. We are doing our very best to help you.


    SAS is taking all reasonable measures to try to avoid as much inconvenience and damage for you as possible.

    You also have the possibility to rebook your flight to another travel date, change your destination within Norway or refund your ticket. See below for options.


    Rebook your flight

    Is the departure date of your flight to, from or via Oslo on Monday 24 April 2017 and your ticket number starts with 117 issued on/before 24 April 2017 on a SAS operated flight? Then your new departure date should be no later than 31 May 2017. Please see below options and rules:


    1. Change your travel dates

    • You may voluntary change your travel dates to a SAS operated flight to, from and via Oslo.
    • You can change your travel dates only if the same travel class is available as mentioned in your original ticket.
    • You will not have to pay the change fee.


    2. Change your destination

    • You may voluntary change your destination to other SK operated destinations within Norway.
    • You can change your travel destination only if the same travel class is available as mentioned in your original ticket.
    • You will not have to pay the change fee.
    • No expenses for surface transportation will be reimbursed.


    How to rebook

    You can rebook by calling us.

    • Contact us by telephone.
    • Did you book your ticket via a travel agent? Please contact that travel agent to rebook.


    Apply for a refund

    You are entitled to a full refund of your ticket if you are travelling to, from or via Oslo Monday 24 April 2017  and your flight was cancelled by SAS, or was delayed for more than 3 hours and you did not travel.


    How to request a refund for cancelled flights

    • If you bought your ticket via SAS and your ticket number starts with 117, you can apply for a refund online in just a few steps. You can also call us, click here for numbers.
    • If you booked via a travel agent, please contact them directly.


    Temporary boarder controls in Sweden

    The Swedish police have published ( that border control will temporarily be introduced for arriving and departing passengers. The control will, according to the police, be on a random/sample basis.

    Effective for all international travel, also for intra Scandinavian and Schengen travel – to/from all airports with international traffic.

    Police recommend that the public always bring their passports or national ID cards when travelling abroad.

    Passengers are asked to arrive to the airport in good time prior to departure.

    Valid until further notice.


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