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Pilot strike in Norway – Agreement reached - Strike is cancelled
(updated 15SEP17 08:10 LT)

SAS has now reached an agreement with the Norwegian pilots' unions and the strike has therefore been called off.


We are offering our customers already rebooked their travel to/from/via Norway to voluntary change their reservation back to original date and flight.

To rebook your flight Contact us by telephone or if you booked via a travel agent or a tour operator, please contact them directly.  

The rebooking is free of charge.

SAS will not absorb costs such as, but not limited to, accommodation, food and surface/air transportation for voluntary rebookings.


You are entitled to a full refund of your ticket if your flight was cancelled by SAS, or was delayed for more than 3 hours and you did not travel.


How to request a refund for cancelled flights?

If you bought your ticket via SAS and your ticket number starts with 117, you can apply for a refund online in just a few steps.
If you bought your ticket via a travel agent or a tour operator, please contact them directly.

Please save all your receipts and send them to us by using our online feedback form. Remember to fill out you bank details, name of the bank, IBAN and BIC and the total sum of your claim and attach all relevant receipts.


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