• When you book your ticket at SAS' website
  • Through your travel agency
  • When you check in online no later than 22 hours before departure

Pre-purchase your baggage and save up to 40% of the cost*

*Compared to purchasing baggage at the airport

BAGGAGE included by ticket type 

  SAS Go Light SAS Go SAS Plus SAS Business
Carry-on < 8kg/17 lbs 1 bag  1 bag 1 bag 2 bags
Bag/ski bag/golf bag < 23kg/50lbs   1 bag 2 bags 2 bags up to 32kg/70lbs

EuroBonus Silver & Star Alliance Gold: 1 extra bag, weight according to travel class. EuroBonus Gold & Diamond : 2 extra bags, weight according to travel class.

carry-on sizes

Carry-on sizes

Duty-free and airport purchase must fit into your carry-on. For security reasons, you must store your carry-on under the seat in front of you. Your coat can be stowed in the overhead locker.  

Prices for extra bags

Pay for extra baggage when you check in online. You can pay using EuroBonus points or with your credit card. 

  • Prices for extra weight are flat fees per bag and direction and not per kg of additional weight.


  Up until 22 hours before departure At the airport within 22 hours of departure 
Additional bag/item DKK 270/NOK 295/SEK 295/€30/£30/$40 DKK 380/NOK 450/SEK 450/€49/£38/$65
Additional weight
(23-28 kg)
- + DKK 190/NOK 240/SEK 240/€26/£23/$34
Additional weight
(28-32 kg)
- + DKK 380/NOK 450/SEK 450/€49/£38/$59

You can pay for extra baggage using EuroBonus points if you check in on SAS' website.


  SAS flights from Scandinavia/Finland to Europe more than 22 hours before departure SAS flights within Scandinavia and flights from Europe to Europe more than 22 hours before departure Less than 22 hours before departure
Additional bag/item DKK 270/NOK 295/SEK 295/€30/ £30/$40 DKK 400/NOK 440/SEK 470/€35/£30/$45 DKK 530/NOK 600/ SEK 600/€70/£60/$80
Additional weight
(23-28 kg)
- - + DKK 255/320 NOK/SEK 320/€35/£28/$40 
Additional weight
(28-32 kg)
- - + DKK 530/NOK 630/SEK 630/€70/ £60/$79 

You can pay for extra baggage using EuroBonus points if you check in on SAS' website.

Asia & the US

  US – Up to 22 hours before departure

Asia – Up to 22 hours before departure At the airport within 22 hours of departure 
Additional bag/item DKK 399 – 630*
NOK 449 – 690*
SEK 449 – 690*
€49 – 85*
$55 – 110*
DKK 630
NOK 690
SEK 690
DKK 760/NOK 850/SEK 850/€95/£82/$120
Additional weight
(23-28 kg)
- - + DKK 325/NOK 410/SEK 410/€43/£37/$50 
Additional weight
(28-32 kg)
- - + DKK 760/NOK 870/SEK 850/€95/£82/$110

* Fares depend on booking class and destination.

You can pay for extra baggage using EuroBonus points if you check in on SAS' website.


  • Only special types of baggage that cannot easily be separated, such as diving equipment or large musical instruments, may exceed 32 kg/71 lbs.
  • Any item exceeding 32 kg/71 lbs need to be registered as special baggage.
  Domestic Europe Asia and the US
Additional weight
(32-45 kg/72-99 lbs)
750 DKK/890 NOK/890 SEK/99 EUR/75 GBP/115 USD
1 100 DKK/1 300 NOK/1 300 SEK/140 EUR/120 GBP/159 USD
1 500 DKK/1 750 NOK/1 750 SEK/190 EUR/164 GBP/220 USD



Baggage that is odd-size, heavy or requires special handling, such as weapons, is considered special baggage. You need to register your baggage as special baggage if:

  • The dimensions (height + width + depth) exceed 158 cm/62" in total.
  • It weighs more than 32 kg/ 70 lbs.
  • You're traveling with weapons, pole vault poles or a pet

Thank you for your request! Our goal is to confirm within 24 hours. Remember to pack your bag well so it withstands handling. For instance, musical instruments must be carried in hard cases.
Unfortunately the form was not sent. Please try again later.
  • Baggage that is heavy or oversized (such as sports equipment), or which requires special handling (such as weapons) are considered special baggage, of which some categories are required to be requested in advance to secure their carriage.

  • As our baggage capacity varies depending on the type of aircraft, carriage of special baggage always depends on availability. 

  • You can bring most types of special baggage (such as skis, golf bags, bikes) as part of your checked baggage included in your ticket at no extra cost, so long as the item fits within the limit for the checked baggage included in your ticket. If it doesn’t fit, you will need to buy extra baggage.

  • For the most common types of special baggage, you can make a request in advance up to 24 hours before departure using the form below. If your type of special baggage is not on the list, or if your flight departs within 24 hours, please contact SAS Sales & Service

  • If you've booked your trip via a travel agent, please contact the agency for help.

SELECT Type of special baggage

Once you’ve requested carriage of your special baggage, you’ll receive a response from SAS within 24 hours. Please note that your special baggage will be booked and approved only after you have received confirmation from SAS. As our capacity for baggage varies depending on aircraft type, carriage of special baggage is always subject to availability.

Check in more

Check in more

If you need to check in more bags or heavier baggage than your ticket allows, you can buy extra baggage allowance. Please note that you can check in a maximum of 10 extra bags.

Air freight


Need to check in more than 10 bags? You can always send your extra bagage as air freight