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    No one knows better than you what you want on your trip. So you can always add extras that aren’t included in your ticket.


    Take your trip to new heights. Place a bid to upgrade your ticket to make your travel experience even easier and more convenient with SAS in the Nordic countries and Europe (for SAS Plus) or to the US and Asia (for SAS Business or SAS Plus). You can also upgrade your trip if you fly with one of the Star Alliance airlines. More about upgrading flights

    Choose SAS Plus and enjoy:

    If you upgrade to SAS Business, you’ll also enjoy (in addition to the benefits included in SAS Plus):

    Choose your seat

    Aisle or window? If you’re traveling in SAS Go or SAS Go Light within Scandinavia or Europe or to/from the US and Asia, you can pre-book your favorite seat for a fee. If you are a EuroBonus Gold or Diamond member you can pre-book your favorite seat free of charge.

    Choose your seat when you book

    • You can choose your seat when you book online or through your travel agency. It's easiest to do this when you book your flight but otherwise no later than 22 hours before departure.

    • Please note: Seat reservations are subject to change without notice. If we need to change your seat, we’ll do our best to offer you a similar option.

    • If you need an extra seat for more comfort or for medical reasons, you can book the seat next to yours for a fee. Order your extra seat when you book your trip through your travel agency or the SAS Sales and Service.

    Fee for pre-booking seats in SAS Go or SAS Go Light:

      Scandinavia Europe US and Asia
    Price DKK 69-129/NOK 79-139/SEK 79-139
    EUR 9-15/ USD 10-16
    DKK 129-149/NOK 139-159/SEK 139-159
    EUR 15-17/ USD 16-18
    Extra legroom: NOK/SEK 499
    DKK 399

    Favorite seat (window/aisle in the forward part of the cabin): NOK/SEK 349
    DKK 299

    Window/aisle: /NOKSEK 249
    DKK 199

    Middle seat: NOK/SEK 99
    DKK 79

    Fee for extra seats:

    • SAS Go/SAS Go Light: Lowest available price per seat in your booked travel class, excluding taxes and fees.
    • SAS Plus: SEK 1,000/EUR 130 per flight (domestic) and SEK 1,500/EUR 180 per flight (Scandinavia/Europe).

    Good to know about extra seats:

    • If you’ve booked an extra seat, you’ll need to check in at the airport (not online).
    • The extra seat is intended to make your trip more comfortable. You cannot use it for excess baggage.

    Choose your seat when you check in

    If you’re traveling in SAS GoSAS Go Lightand didn’t pre-book your seat when you booked your trip, you can check in and choose your seat online or in the SAS App. You can do this free of charge from 22 hours before departure. You can also check in and choose your seat at our SAS Self Service kiosks at the airport.

    Prepay your extra baggage

    Need to check in more baggage than what’s included in your ticket? Prepay your extra baggage when you book your trip and save up to 40%. 

    Pre-order meals

    Make your trip even smoother by choosing your meal from our specially-designed menu. Pre-order a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, salad, sandwich or kids' meal in SAS Go or SAS Go Light on most European flights up to 18 hours before departure. See our menu and read more about pre-ordering meals

    Lounge offers

    Your travel experience begins in our lounges. At selected airports, if you’ve bought lounge access, you’ll enjoy a delicious buffet, freshly baked bread, wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea. Naturally, there’s also free WiFi, newspapers and magazines, and a wide range of TV channels. All from NOK 179/DKK 199/SEK 199/EUR 22/USD 30 per person. To our lounge offer

    Travel insurance

    Make sure you have a great trip. In cooperation with Europ Assistance, we offer travel insurance tailored to your needs, no matter which type of trip you take. You receive compensation for any costs you incur should you become sick or injured during your trip. Through the Europ Assistance's network, you can receive assistance 24 hours a day all over the world should a problem arise.

    • If you are flying on a personal trip, you can always supplement your travel protection through your home insurance. This includes, for instance, deductible compensation for a rental car and compensation for rental of sports equipment if yours is delayed during the trip. More about travel insurance for personal travel

    • If you are a business traveler, sometimes you are entitled to compensation if you have been delayed or if your property or that of your employer is lost. More about travel insurance for business trips

    CO2 offsets

    At SAS we care about protecting the environment and we try to make it easy for you to do the same. You can compensate for your CO2 emissions on your flights With us. We collaborate with The CarbonNeutral Company that has worked extensively with carbon-reduction projects and sustainable development.

    • You can calculate the CO2 emissions for your trip on The CarbonNeutral Company’s website and see what it costs to compensate for them.

    • Click "Calculate" to see how many kg of CO2 you emit.

    • If you decide to compensate for your CO2 emissions through The CarbonNeutral Company, your money will be invested in a clean energy project that replaces fossil fuels with renewable sources of energy. The project generates documented, verified reductions in carbon dioxide. 

    • When you offset your emissions, you get an e–certificate that shows the level of carbon dioxide emissions you have offset.


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