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Point bargains

Point bargains

Do you always want to be one step ahead, then bookmark this page and before you read more, login so you are ready to make the reservation quick and easy because here are the hottest point offers we have available – visit destinations previously beyond your reach and take along the whole family.

Oh, by the way, children 2 - 11 years old, receives a 50% discount on the offers below.

Dear members,

Thank you for your interest, however point bargains is no longer available - for the time being that is. If you're dreaming of getting away on a nice bargain, come back very soon.


Fly round trip with SAS and Wideroe*  SAS Go SAS Plus Taxes and fees
within Denmark, Norway, Sweden 7 000  10 000 14 000  20 000 from € 24
between Nordic+ countries 14 000  20 000 21 000  30 000 from € 30
between the Nordic+ countries and the rest of Europe
(with some exeptions - see next line below)
21 000  30 000 35 000  50 000 from € 30
between Europe and Europe (example Rome - Copenhagen - London R/T) 35 000  50 000 49 000  70 000 from € 76


Fly round trip with SAS and Wideroe*  SAS Go SAS Plus SAS Business Taxes and fees
the Nordic+ countries and US, Asia  48 000  60 000 64 000  80 000 80 000  100 000 from € 30

Book: November 21 - 27, 2017
Travel: January 8 - March 31, 2018

  • Travel can start in any direction and domestic connecting flights within Scandinavia are included.
  • The Nordic+ countries includes; Denmark (Incl. Faroe Islands), Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.
  • Taxes and fees may apply per person in addition to the points required and they vary by route. The exact amount will appear when you book your award trip.
  • The offer is personal and cannot be transferred or forwarded to others.

Travel can start in any direction and domestic connecting flights within Scandinavia are included.
*Selected routes with Wideroe in Norway due to Norwegian Government regulations. 

Terms and conditions

  • Transfer flights on domestic are included if nothing else is mentioned.
  • Point bargains is always roundtrips.
  • You can book this offers online within minutes.
  • Point bargains is not available when you mix points and cash.
  • Travel must be completed during the period to obtain the discount.
  • Children receive a 50 % discount on the offer, if nothing else is mentioned.
  • Infants travel for free, if you book a seat for your baby - 50 % discount.
  • Start & end time for the offers are always UTC time, if nothing else is mentioned.
  • Number of award seats available is limited – try to avoid Sunday's.
  • Reservations cannot be changed after booking period is over, then normal award price applies.
  • In some cases, there are no direct flights within a zone or between two zones, so you must transit in another zone - which could make the award more expensive.
  • You are not allowed to mix classes on these offers, you need to make the reservation in the same class to obtain the discount.
  • The traveler must pay any applicable charges, such as airport taxes.
  • Can not be combined with other award discounts/offers. 
  • EuroBonus general membership conditions apply.