Etihad Airways

Fly on brand new aircraft with the latest in-flight entertainment systems, the finest dining and impeccable service.

Earn points

  • You earn Extra points on selected flights operated by Etihad Airways between Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Géneva, London, Milan, Rome, Zürich as shown in table below. All other booking classes are excluded. No points are earned on charter, cargo flights.
  • The principle is simple: the more you fly, the more points you earn.
  • Always quote your membership number when making a reservation.
  First Business Economy
Points fr. 1 250 - 2 000 fr. 575 - 875 fr. 125 - 500
Classes P (400%)
R, A, F (250%
D, C, J (175%)
W (130%)
Z (115%) 
H, B, Y (100%)
L, M, K, Q (75%)
U, V, G (50%)
E, T (25%) 

Spend points

  • You can spend points on selected destinations operated by Etihad Airways between Scandinavia/Europe and Abu Dhabi via Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Géneva, London, Milan, Rome, Zürich.

  • Award reservations can be made up to departure. Book through your local Member Service - call us.

  • Round-trips only but you are allowed to book one-way, the price is the same as on round-trips.
  First Business Economy Taxes & Fees
To/from Scandinavia and Abu Dhabi 300,000 points 200,000 points 100,000 points fr.
€ 156
$ 178
To/from Europe and Abu Dhabi 250,000 points 150,000 points 70,000 points fr.
€ 156
$ 178
Taxes and fees apply per person in addition to the points required and they vary by route.