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    Purchase Extra points and travel further

    Your dream trip is just around the corner – the more you travel the further you get. If your EuroBonus points are not sufficient, you can purchase Extra points which help you get there.

    Here’s how it works

    To get the number of points you need to book an award trip or hotel stay, you can purchase Extra points. Remember though that Extra points cannot advance you to the next membership level.

    If you want to buy Basic points

    After you have logged in, you will see if you are able to buy Basic points if you are missing a maximum of 5,000 points to reach Silver, 15,000 points to reach Gold or 30,000 to reach Diamond status.

    More about our two types of points

    Give away points

    You can purchase Extra points and give them to another EuroBonus member who needs them. You can also transfer points you have earned.

    • The cost is DKK 200/NOK 200/SEK 200/EUR 20 per block of 1,000 Extra points.
    • There is no limit to the amount of points you may purchase.
    • To purchase points, you need to have been a EuroBonus member for at least 1 year and have 100 points or more in your account.
    • Your purchased points can be used the same way as earned Extra points and they have the same validity (up to 5 years).
    • Extra points do not count towards upgrade to higher membership level.

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    This is what you do

    Purchasing points is easy:

    1. Log in here.
    2. Make your choice.

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