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    Sports trips

    Train and compete away from home. If you are a competitive athlete and traveling through your club or association, we can offer individual advantageous sports trips or group sports trips. All that's needed is a membership in the SAS Corporate Program.

    How it works

    If your organization or club is affiliated with a Scandinavian Sports Confederation and is a member of the SAS Corporate Program, you can book a specially-tailored sports trip at a great price.

    • Sports trips can be booked individually or for a group (at least 10 people).

    • Prices for sports trips apply for domestic travel in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and to our destinations in Scandinavia and Europe. In certain cases, if you are traveling alone, you can also get the sports rate on trips to the US and Asia. 

    • You may bring one piece of extra baggage. If you are traveling in a group, everyone in the group may bring one piece of extra baggage or sports equipment.

    • You can change the name on the tickets up to 2 hours before departure at no charge.*

    • You can earn EuroBonus points.

    • Your club/association earns SAS Credits on every trip.

    * To change any names on a group sports trip, remember to contact us during our opening hours. 


      Individual sports trip Group sports trip*
    Booking Up to 1 hour before departure Up to 1 hour before departure
    Change of date No charge** No charge as long as the entire group travels together**
    Name change No charge up to departure No charge up to 1 hour before departure, as long as entire group travels together
    Child discounts ✓ Yes No set discount
    Baggage 2 pieces 23 kg/51 lbs each*** (Ski bag, bicycle or golf bag can be included as baggage). Don't forget to register your special baggage 2 pieces 23 kg/51 lbs each*** (Ski bag, bicycle or golf bag can be included as baggage). Don't forget to register the group's special baggage
    Refunds Full refund up to 1 day before departure**** Full refund up to 7 days before departure for domestic flights. Partial refund up to 30 days before departure for international flights****
    EuroBonus You can earn EuroBonus points You can earn EuroBonus points
    SAS Credits Clubs/associations earn SAS Credits for each flight with SAS. Earned Credits can be used for new trips Clubs/associations earn SAS Credits for each flight with SAS. Earned Credits can be used for new trips

    * Group sports trips can be booked for 10 people or more who are traveling together. 
    ** Applies to changes within the same booking class.
    *** On trips using our CR9 aircraft, baggage capacity may be limited.
    **** If the sports event is canceled, refunds will be paid out until departure.

    Individual sports trip

    Book (Don't forget to fill in your CMP-code)


    The price of a group sports trip depends on how quickly you can confirm your group. The price may be higher than for an individual sports trip but trip flexibility is higher.

    Contact us with any requests and we will get back to you with a price. Remember that the price of your sports trip can be lower if you avoid traveling during popular times such as weekdays between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., and 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

    Requests for group sports trips

    Thank you for your question! This is an automatic reply. Hello and thank you for contacting us. We will reply to your email within 3 weekdays. Our opening hours are weekdays 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. If your matter is urgent, we recommend that you contact us by phone at +46 770 727 020. With kind regards, SAS Direct Group Sales
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    About the trip

    Travel date

    Alternate travel date


    A sports trip, individual or in a group, can be booked when the trip is arranged by your club or association and the purpose is for competing or training. 

    • Your association or club must belong to a Scandinavian Sports Confederation.
    • In order to book a sports trip, your club must be a sports client of SAS and a member of the SAS Corporate Program.

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    • To book an individual sports trip, you need to provide the unique code your club/association received when they became a sports client with SAS.

    Special baggage

    If you are traveling with sports equipment, in certain cases you may need to register your baggage as special baggage. If you are traveling in a group with a number of pieces of special baggage, we ask that you always register this before departure. 

    • If you have booked through a tour operator, please contact them to register your special baggage. 
    • If you have booked with us at SAS, we ask that you register your special baggage with us before your trip. 

    More about special baggage

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