Stavanger is a mixture of idyllic lanes with white timber cottages and more modern developments with cafés, restaurants and exclusive shops.

Stavanger is Norway's oil and gas capital, and home to the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, a state-of-the-art interactive centre, where visitors can explore how oil and gas were formed millions of years ago.

The mouth of the fjord is just a short distance away by boat, and if you sail over to Lysefjorden you can take a hike up to the famous natural formation known as "The Pulpit Rock".

Worth a visit

Pulpit Rock

The hike to Pulpit Rock is not many kilometres in length, but given the relatively steep ascent, the trip takes around 1.5 hours. The Pulpit Rock overhangs Lysefjorden. The top is square and flat, and inside is a wide crack which will one day spell the end of this fascinating formation. The rock is sharp as a knife's edge and plunges 600 metres down into the Fjord.


Kjerag presents a 1,000 m sheer drop down into Lysefjorden. If you have the stomach for it, you can climb out onto Kjeragbolten, a rock wedged between two rockfaces during the last

Ice Age.

The Norwegian Emigration Center

This research institution undertakes documentation, research and coordination activities to raise interest in and awareness of Norwegian migration history from a global perspective.

Sverd i Fjell national monument

The "Swords in the Rock" is a national monument to the battle of Hafrsfjord.

The Jaerne Shores

The Jaerne Shores at Klepp are the longest shores in Norway (11 km). A popular area for surfing and kite-flying.

Old Stavanger

The little white cottages are huddled close together towards the seafront. Narrow passageways connect the cottages, and the streets are narrow and winding.

More about Stavanger


Stavanger Airport, Sola is situated approx. 14 km from the town centre.

Bus/coach services

Flybuss from Fiskepiren every 20 minutes.

See the Flybussen website for departure times and prices.

Taxi services

Stavanger Taxi, telephone +47 51 90 90 90.

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